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In the first of this 2 part article I shared a brief overview of some elements of the Taoist and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) approach to dietary recommendations based on food energetics. Instead of viewing foods purely on their isolated nutrients like vitamins and minerals, they interpret and work with the overall energetic influence a particular food has on us. In this article I will discuss the Ayurvedic system of food energetics.

The ancient Indian health care system of Ay…

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Triphala as an Rejuvenating, Phytonutrient Rich Ayurvedic Herbal Formula

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In this video I explore the potent power of Triphala - 3 Fruits Herbal formula.

Learn about its digestive tonifying properties and overall body rejuvenator by supporting our metabolic fire or ‘Agni’ in Ayurveda.

Triphala Ayurveda LVQ HWN without drinking reaction

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