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  • Are you confused about the current world circumstances?

  • Looking for support and guidance to make sense of it all? 

  • Have we really been aware of all we need to know to make more informed decisions, so we can trust ourselves with our own well-being?

  • Do you care about the preservation of our community, our children, our elderly, as well as our own personal health choices?

Join the Health Wisdom Network Membership to:

  • Connect with a supportive and stable network of friendly people to stay informed during unpredictable times

  • Feel valued and encouraged for your presence and contributions

  • Receive support to navigate current events, increasing knowledge and awareness, through regular connection, opportunities and resources

  • Support a rapidly growing conscious movement, dedicated to protecting our health freedom across the globe

  • Plug back in to your intuitive knowing of how to heal, strengthen your immunity and trust in your innate cellular intelligence 

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We welcome you to this collaborative space for exploring the pertinent topics of these dynamic times and the many aspects of our lives that are an integral part of creating a more healthy and free world. 

With censorship and misinformation at an all time high, it is vital we form alliances of conscious collaborators, dedicated to creating a better world, so we can each share relevant and empowering wisdom within our communities.

The Health Wisdom Network stands for protecting our health sovereignty and empowering people with knowledge and awareness so we can make more congruent decisions for ourselves and our families.

As we each live a more vital life, we are more able to share our unique gifts with the world. 

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"Nursing for 23 years has shown me the depths and brilliance of humanity, that we are far beyond a body and mind that goes wrong. I have a deep understanding of the vast chasm of knowledge that was missing from my conventional medical education, and remain constantly curious to learn more.

Not understanding the wisdom of natural intelligence and how to truly care for my own health, I was compelled to delve deeply for years to unravel the ramifications of a lifetime of suppressive health treatments.

Through this experience, an immense gift has been nurtured to enable me to nurse with integrated natural health knowledge, championing self care, informed consent and health freedom, to support each person as the beautiful, unique individuals that we all are.

Now is the time to teach and share awareness even more, to contribute to a broader level, to offer perspective and strengthen connection to each other.

We are evolving our current health paradigm to be more aligned with natural intelligence, empowering each of us to reclaim our own knowledge of our health, to make more informed sovereign health choices for ourselves and our families"

Jenny Brown BSc(Hons) DipCA (NatNut) - Independent Healthcare Professional With Extensive Nursing Knowledge

 What's going on inside the membership?

  • Fortnightly Network Community Calls

  • Exploring the Health Wisdom Library

  • Special Events and Course Opportunities

  • Special Interest Groups and Strategy Round-tables

  • Forum to Ask a Question, Share Ideas, Resources or Start a Discussion

  • Professional Health Support Opportunities

  • Recommended Products

  • Trusted Collaborations and Knowledge Networking

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We donate at least 20% of all revenue to support light driven organisations that are courageously sharing information and paving the way to creating a more vibrant healthy world with humble integrity.

Here is a sample collection of the movements, people and organisations we support, please visit inside the membership for more.

Informed Consent Action Network

The Informed Consent Action Network is a non profit that focus on health freedom education and legally protecting our choices

Children's Health Defence

Global non profit headed by Robert F Kennedy Jr sharing information and pursuing corporate and agency legal challenge to those whose practices harm or threaten the health of children.

US For Them

Us For Them are a volunteer organisation who campaign and advocate for children and their needs to be prioritised in response to decisions on Coronavirus, and beyond. 

UK Column

The UK Column is an independent multimedia news website. They present extensive investigative journalism around UK politics and current world affairs


The Alliance for Natural Health

The ANH is an  internationally active, non-profit promoting natural and sustainable approaches to healthcare worldwide. Their passion is the pursuit of optimal health and health care sustainability by working with, not against, nature.



If you would like to support the Health Wisdom Network:

  • Share Natural Health Knowledge and Experience

  • Health Freedom Advocacy

  • Offer Community Support and Collaborations

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DISCLAIMER: The information on this website is intended for educational, informational and awareness purposes only, and is copyright protected to Soul Integrity Ltd partnering with the Health Wisdom Network. Through our services and educational material, we have no intention of offering any diagnosis, treatment or cure for any condition or disease, but rather to support the natural self-healing and re-balancing ability of body, mind and spirit through awareness and knowledge. Full responsibility remains with each individual for the decisions made about their own health and life.