Explore the Creative Codes of your Birth Name


Revealing the Creation Codes of your Birth Name

Natural Name Numerology or Soul Plan is an inspirational profiling system using the vibrations of your birth name, sacred geometry, and numerology to decipher your potential challenges, strengths, talents, goals, life purpose, and Soul Destiny.

The system is derived from ancient mystical Hebrew Kaballah texts, such as the Sefer Yetzirah and Zohar and was later developed for contemporary use by Dr Frank Alper.

A Natural Name Numerology reading offers insightful guidance about the predominant energies, themes and experiences that your soul essence has created for you to master or explore this lifetime.

It can help illuminate the potential learning opportunities represented by the challenges we face in our lives and provide validation for the inner potential we may feel inside that we are seeking to express out in the world. 

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