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Are you concerned about preserving the freedom to make your own, confident health choices?

Your presence and contributions are truly valued at this vital time in history as we are striving to protect these choices which are under threat and not to be taken for granted.

Do you want to enrich and nurture the precious gift of your life to make the most of who you are?

Get involved to up-level your vitality with important knowledge to fortify yourself and those you love, placing your health and well-being back in your own, capable hands, so we are all able to enjoy this beautiful world we live in together.


  • Fortnightly Network Community Calls

  • Health Wisdom Library of Resources

  • Keep Up to Date with Health Freedom News and Current Events that May Impact your Life

  • Special Events and Course Opportunities

  • Special Interest Groups

  • Forum to Ask a Question, Share Ideas, Resources or Start a Discussion

  • Professional Health Support Opportunities

  • Dedicated Members only Telegram Chat Group

  • Recommended Products

  • Trusted Collaborations and Knowledge Networking

  • Contribute to health freedom information distribution projects

This supportive resource is maintained and developed through community donations.

To join the Health Wisdom Network community, please email us to arrange a brief Zoom chat.

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  • Become part of a friendly, stable platform to keep connected during unpredictable times
  • Connect with like-minded people for support and encouragement
  • Cultivate greater understanding of your own health wisdom
  • Feel more empowered with health strategies and tools
  • Develop an intuitive knowing of what we need to heal and trust in our innate cellular Intelligence 
  • Initiate discussion groups and share ideas and resources with the group
  • Ignite excitement and inspiration in your life 
  • Support a movement dedicating to protecting our health freedom and informed choice
  • Advanced training and special interest group opportunities

We welcome you to join our alliance of Health Wisdom Advocates, dedicated to creating a more vital and healthy world. 

We are an expanding network of compassionate people with years of experience and wisdom to share, including Jenny's decades of nursing and natural health expertise.

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We have an abundance of resources and learning experiences to share

Fortnightly Network Community Calls

Group ZOOM connection every fortnight for high quality teaching, current event updates, Q & A with Jenny. Teaching topics and notes will be recorded and archived

Living Wisdom Library

Explore the depths of our library, home of many great gems of insight and archived materials.

Health Freedom, 'Virus' Commentary, Self Care Knowledge, Vaccine Research, Videos etc.

Peer Support

Enjoy being a part of our community of like-minded, curious friends welcoming collaboration and peer connections.

Special Events

Be a valued participant in special interest groups and round table discussions. 


Ask a questions, share ideas, resources or start a discussion

Practical Guides

Its all very well understanding the theory, but taking action is how the results happen. 

Extended Blog

Sharing in greater depth and censored information

Resources and Courses

Events, Workshops, Ebooks, Courses Master Mind Groups and Resources like the Informed Consent Action Pack

Discount Codes

Get money off health supplier purchases.

Recommended Products

Hand picked tools to support your health journey.


Health Wisdom Topics

Subjects we are passionate to share during our fortnightly calls and courses and much more include:

  • Impacts of Symptom Suppression
  • Hormone Optimisation
  • Metabolic Balance
  • Optimal Nutrition and Dietary Strategies
  • Vaccine Research Awareness
  • Informed Consent
  • Detoxification and Cleansing
  • Ancient Healing Modalities
  • Peak Performance Mindset and Techniques
  • Man-made EMF 
  • Germ / Terrain Theory and the Immune System 
  • Brain Health and Memory Enhancement
  • Biophysics of our Bioelectric Body
  • Geopolitics of Health

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    “It's so lovely having like-minded people you can trust and know there is support, there is strength in numbers.
    Thank goodness you are there, it gives me some hope.”

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    July 2020


    “At present we are facing major challenges as many are in fear and hold the belief that they are not in control of their own health. However, we each need to remember we are part of a greater whole and together we stand strong resourcing each other as we each hold keys activating that pure matrix of love.”


    August 2020


    “Thank you very much for all the good work that you are doing for the world.
    I really, really appreciate it.”


    July 2020


Health Wisdom Network - Example Call Presentation Archive

  • The Wisdom of the Wood Element - Liver Life Force
  • The Heart of the Fire Element - The Spirit of Life
  • The Beauty of our Biological Terrain
  • Vital natural health concepts we weren't taught at school
  • Exploring the global geopolitics of health
  • Introducing Global Scaling in the Universe 
  • Celestial Special Guest Speaker - The Great Transition- Messages from the Stars
  • Metamedicine and the 5 Biological Laws

  • Introducing Aromatherapy
  • Wisdom of the Wood Element and Liver Health
  • A Journey into the Gene Keys
  • Mind of the Maji - Exploring our subconscious mind
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We donate at least 20% of all revenue to support light driven organisations that are courageously sharing information and paving the way to creating a more vibrant healthy world with humble integrity.

Here is a sample collection of the movements, people and organisations we support, please visit inside the membership for more.

Informed Consent Action Network

The Informed Consent Action Network is a non profit that focus on health freedom education and legally protecting our choices

Children's Health Defence

Global non profit headed by Robert F Kennedy Jr sharing information and pursuing corporate and agency legal challenge to those whose practices harm or threaten the health of children.

US For Them

Us For Them are a volunteer organisation who campaign and advocate for children and their needs to be prioritised in response to decisions on Coronavirus, and beyond. 

UK Column

The UK Column is an independent multimedia news website. They present extensive investigative journalism around UK politics and current world affairs


The Alliance for Natural Health

The ANH is an  internationally active, non-profit promoting natural and sustainable approaches to healthcare worldwide. Their passion is the pursuit of optimal health and health care sustainability by working with, not against, nature.

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DISCLAIMER: The information on this website is intended for educational, informational and awareness purposes only, and is copyright protected to Soul Integrity Ltd partnering with the Health Wisdom Network. Through our services and educational material, we have no intention of offering any diagnosis, treatment or cure for any condition or disease, but rather to support the natural self-healing and re-balancing ability of body, mind and spirit through awareness and knowledge. Full responsibility remains with each individual for the decisions made about their own health and life.