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Join A Small, Friendly Group To Learn A Practical Health Assessment Framework So You Can More Confidently Craft Individualised Health Support Strategies For Yourself, Family and Friends In Your Community


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Become More Empowered As We Navigate These Challenging And Turbulent Times

Are You Or Someone You Know Feeling...

  • Increasingly worried and confused about health care due to lack of whole person consideration?

  • Uncertainty and less trust in some medical approaches?

  • A sense of vulnerability due to potential changes, unreliable or restricted access to health care at this current time?

  • Unsure of what natural health methods you could implement and when they are appropriate?

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With Well Rounded Insights We Can Avoid...

  • Over-riding intuition, undervaluing our skills and abilities to adequately support ourselves and others

  • Health struggles worsening due to lack of whole person healthcare awareness 

  • Using natural health measures in a disjointed way without considering other health influences and natural bodily processes

  • Missing the valuable and extensive messages offered by our life, environment, body and mind as symptoms 

  • Risky health scenarios unfolding by not knowing when to seek urgent medical attention for conventional assessment 

  • Inappropriate delegation and abdication of important health decisions without true informed consent

  • Unnecessary health mistakes and risks including ineffective or inappropriate supplement use due to potential pharmaceutical interaction



During This 4 Module Course We Will Learn:

  • A simple health assessment framework which will provide you with an immediate understanding of how unwell you or someone else is, and enable you to be more proactive

  • A variety of tools and resources for ongoing support

  • How to craft appropriate health supportive strategies

This Approach Will Be Taught In The Context Of:

  • Essential and concise whole person health knowledge

  • The broad spectrum of influences that impact our health

  • How to integrate natural wisdom and common sense approaches, bridging gaps between different knowledge bases

  • Common pitfalls that Jenny has observed over her 25 years nursing and integrative health experience

Course taught as a mastermind intensive over 2 x days (10am - 4.30pm) or 4 x weekly evening classes (7-9.30pm)


    “The Health Supporter Mastermind Course was helpful in a number of ways for me. The information offered expanded my thoughts around how to assess a medical situation and identify quickly what might be a first step, identifying home remedies and supplies to have on hand, and when to call for professional medical assistance. The course also acted as a reminder for knowledge I already have at my disposal. The overarching premise of taking responsibility and action when necessary really resonated with me. I greatly appreciated the information and support offered.”

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Explore What Factors Can Contribute To Us Becoming Unwell Or Getting Stuck With Recovering Our Health

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Meet Jenny Brown

BSc(Hons), DipCA (NatNut)
Independent Healthcare Professional With Extensive Nursing Knowledge


A pioneering health advocate, integrating natural wisdom and common sense principles to support deeper understanding and awareness, inspiring the embodiment of true health sovereignty

Jenny draws from her 25 years nursing experience, working in both chronic and acute situations, as well as over 15 years in integrative natural health.

She is the co-founder of the Health Wisdom Network, a membership platform dedicated to health freedom advocacy, empowering both individuals and community collaborations.

Over the last few years, she has shared her analysis of the current circumstances using the spectrum of insights gained from her life experience.

During her 1 to 1 health mentoring collaborations, she uses her natural intuitive abilities to see and listen deeply into a person's inner nature, discovering where they may be stuck within and beyond the physical level of their being.

This includes gently addressing the emotional, mental and spiritual aspects, complementing the thorough nutritional and naturopathic tools she uses to support cellular metabolism.

Through this process, she helps clients to unlock deeper aspects of themselves, restoring self esteem, self awareness and inspiration for living more fully.

Jenny’s Special Interests Include:

  • Enabling true informed consent from un-biased evidenced based research
  • The impact of symptom-suppressive health interventions and decisions at the physical, emotional and societal levels
  • The complexity of the gut:brain connection
  • Immune suppression, metabolic, digestive, endocrine and nervous system health
  • Heavy metal accumulation
  • Nutrition, nourishment and the impact of deficiencies
  • Naturopathic theory and detoxification techniques
  • The va**ination paradigm
  • Pre-conceptual and peri-natal health
  • Genetic, epigenetic and trans-generational influences
  • Ancient wisdom and healing modalities
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What's In The Course?

Health Supporter Mastermind

Module 1 – Exploring Wider Perspectives About Health

  • Principles, concepts, assumptions & myth-busting 

  • Reawakening our innate knowledge, wisdom and trust in the brilliant healing capacity of our body

  • Navigating particular areas of common concern at this current time

  • Exploring the myriad of influences that impact our health and the importance of noticing them

  • Health theory including cellular health, detoxification pathways, physical, energetic and emotional support

Module 2 - Assessing Ourselves And Others

  • Practical top to toe assessment, observation, decision-making, prioritising, learning from each other's uniqueness

  • Useful equipment and supplies

  • Urgent scenarios and when to engage with conventional healthcare

  • First aid and life saving awareness

  • Special considerations with children, specific health challenges, medications etc

Module 3 - Appropriate Health Support Approaches

  • Appropriate selection and use of foods, remedies, supplements and other modalities

  • Navigating current health challenges including recognising va**ine side effects

  • Signposts to different protocols

  • Crib sheets and guides for quick reference

Module 4 - Consent Guidance And Interacting With Healthcare Professionals

  • Real life scenarios and considerations

  • Protecting your right to informed choices

  • Course overview

  • Q & A


Build Confidence

Self Awareness

Observation Skills

Community Connections

Access To Shared And Expert Experience

Ongoing Access To Dedicated Resource Hub

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This Concise Course May Not Be For Those That:

  • Are looking for comprehensive personal health support for their own long term health concerns

Although we will be covering fundamentally important health assessment and supporting knowledge, it is beyond the scope of the course to address personal health issues in any depth. There are opportunities to approach Jenny separately to discuss your health support needs.

  • Are seeking to be told exactly what to do

This course is designed to enable critical thinking which offers a framework and breadth of awareness that can be applied to different situations, both for oneself and for others. Every scenario is unique so best approached with greater awareness of ‘how’ to think rather than ‘what’ to think is a valuable skill to cultivate.

  • Are not open to considering the appropriate use of the full spectrum of health options available to us

This course is designed to assist decision making that enables appropriate and timely use and access to both medical and naturally orientated approaches, depending on the severity and nature of the situation.


About The Course

  • Jenny will be teaching this course both in-person and on-line

  • Interactive and practical sharing style, learning with each other and bringing theory to real life situations in practical ways

  • The class size will be kept to around TEN people per event to maintain a supportive and intimate environment. Confidentiality held by all members will be expected

  • When making a booking, you will be asked for the name of the person who referred you to the event to enable a protected environment to learn and share

All participants will have ongoing access to a dedicated resource hub which will include all presentations, notes and resources from the classes

EXTRA BONUS - Jenny will enable fast-track access to book in with her for health support guidance over the winter, either for yourself or to assist you to care for someone you are concerned about - this will be via a booking system through Jenny's professional consultation website.

In- Person Events (10am - 4.30pm)

  • Making the most of being together for practical learning as well as Jenny sharing presentation slides and teaching resources on a wide-screen TV

  • Opportunities for group discussion and anecdotes to enhance understanding

  • Regular breaks with beverages and snacks provided - please bring a lunch dish to share together (gluten-free encouraged) and anything else that will assist you to make the most of the course

  • Please arrive in good time for a punctual start at 10am

On-line Events (7-9.30pm) Zoom

  • Teaching sessions with screen-share presentation slides and resources via Zoom, plus opportunity for discussion and questions

  • Short break during each class

** In-person course spaces permitting... all on-line participants are welcome to join an in-person course for an additional donation for the place - please liaise with Jenny to arrange this - repetition is really helpful when we wish to pursue mastery :-)

Where And When?


Cost for the full online or in-person course

Full (regular price) - £75

Pay-it-forward (pay for a subsidised place) - £100

Subsidised / Flexi (reduced investment for those with limited means) - £25 +



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Refresher Classes






Classes Are Available In This Area





Drinks, Tea, Coffee and Snacks provided.

Please bring a lunch dish to share with the group (gluten-free encouraged)

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If you can organise a group of 8-12 people that would like to receive this training in person people email us to discuss -


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Refresher Classes TBC



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Drinks, Tea, Coffee and Snacks provided.

Please bring a lunch dish to share with the group (gluten-free encouraged) 



If you can organise a group of 8-12 people that would like to receive this training in person people email us to discuss -

Why is this awareness important at this time?

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Due to many geopolitical, cultural and societal conditions over the years, we have been gradually disempowered and disconnected from our innate health wisdom and the messages our body-mind offers us as guidance to restore balance within ourselves. 

In recent times, we are witnessing the increasing collateral damage when we outsource our health to so called 'experts', and do not hold responsibility for own choices. This scenario is potentially maintaining  us in the position of victimhood rather than empowered with knowledge to enable confidence within one's own capacity.

As our awareness of this grows, there is an emerging movement within the collective to reclaim our own individual health sovereignty.

The path to become truly health sovereign, however, is not exactly straight forward. It usually involves unlearning and deconditioning ourselves from a lifetime of disempowering beliefs and the inappropriate medicalisation of our bodies that reinforced the incomplete understanding of our holistic nature.

The journey to health sovereignty evolves through direct experience, embodiment, and the refinement of principles of health rather than just following generic protocols. Protocols can be useful as guides, but to rely exclusively on them without a wider context for their use can lead to further imbalance.

By gaining more holistic and integrative knowledge, we can each develop deeper understanding and discover our own unique insights to guide our healing. This empowers us to discern when, what and how to utilise external advice or medical assessment in the most appropriate ways, and support those we care about to do the same.

Legal Awareness: The information shared during the teaching of this course and within the dedicated resource hub on-line does not replace any medical advice, it is intended for educational and awareness purposes only. Full responsibility remains with each individual for the decisions made about their own health and life.