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Health Wisdom Network Membership Calls

Upcoming topics plus current events, news and discussion Q & A via Zoom -  7pm start - 1.5 - 2 hrs

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October 2022

  • TUESDAY 11th October - Health Wisdom Insider Call - with Jenny & Quinn
  • WEDNESDAY 26th October - Health Wisdom Insider Call - with Jenny & Quinn

November 2022

  • TUESDAY 8th November - Health Wisdom Insider Call - with Jenny & Quinn
  • TUESDAY 22nd November - Health Wisdom Insider Call - with Jenny & Quinn

December 2022

  • SATURDAY 3rd (1 pm) December - International Members Special - Health Wisdom Insider Call - with Jenny & Quinn

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What on Earth is Going on? 

Please let us know if you would like Jenny to hold this webinar or talk for your group. 

Genuinely curious and open-minded enquirers very welcome.


We will explore the corona pandemic narrative and its place it a wider context of geopolitical importance to help us reveal and understand perhaps why events are unfolding in many irrational and confusing ways.

If you and those around you are concerned about the global situation and would like to learn more about what is happening, this opportunity to share resources may be very valuable.


Please email to arrange this webinar.

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In-Person Workshops


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